Caramoan Islands became a shooting location as its natural beauty is really spectacular

The secret paradise of the Philippines is no other than Caramoan. One of the well known tourism spots in the country today is the Caramoan Peninsula. It can be hard driving around the Caramoan Peninsula because of its terrain plus this peninsula is filled with hills. Not a lot of people have heard or know where Caramoan really is. Caramoan is sometimes neglected by tourists who prefer to go to nearby Boracay. Caramoan is a great paradise especially for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and quiet vacation. When the French version of the TV show Survivor started shooting in Caramoan Resorts, it started to gain attention. The location for Israel’s Survivor hit TV show was also Caramoan. The true natural beauty of Caramoan Islands is what made it popular for shooting TV shows, etc. Caramoan Islands is an almost untouched and wild type of paradise. The white sandy beaches of the many islands of Caramoan are really worth your visit. Caramoan Islands also boast of their water and also of their limestone cliffs in the area. Going around Caramoan Islands entails you to ride the small boats with outboard motors. To begin your island hopping experience you must first be in Paniman.

Gota beach is by far the most popular Caramoan beach. Gota beach had been the location where the team for the French Survivor lived. From the Caramoan town you can head to Gota beach using public transportation. When you want to go to Caramoan but you’re in a budget, don’t worry as Beach and Cave Cabanas hostel is reasonably priced. You can also try camping outside on the white sandy beaches of Caramoan. Wear warm clothing when camping at Caramoan beaches as nights can be remarkably chilly. Getting into caramoan is actually an achievement as it takes time and effort so you can get there. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach Guijalo Port by riding a boat from Sabang. For Caramoan’s island hopping, it starts from Paniman and it ends in Bikal. The boat schedule is not always being followed because the boat only leaves to Caramoan when it’s full. You may want to visit Caramoan, an island paradise in the Philippines when you visit the country. Don’t wait ’til Caramoan becomes very popular before you visit.

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